hi there.

Welcome to Lowbrow Studios! We are a full-service 2d animation studio located in the New York metropolitan area.


what the what

Lowbrow’s team is made up of super talented and super funny artists, writers, directors and producers. We’ve been around for over 15 years and have worked with some amazing clients like CollegeHumor, Disney, Cyanide & Happiness, MTV and a ton more!



We have written lots of funny stuff for places like Disney, Nickelodeon, MTV, Mattel, CollegeHumor, Machinima and more. Need some funny content? Let us know! We don’t actually use a pencil.


Animation isn’t quite the same without voices. We can record in-house or direct talent remotely to help bring your animation to life, usually with our lips.


Getting from script to screen is a huge step. We can help you with that first step by visually telling the story shot by shot.


It’s starting to come together! Voices, visuals and timing – Animatics put the meat on the bones!

character design

We have a deep talent pool of artists ready to create unique and fun characters in a variety of styles.

background art

We have a deep pool just for background artists as well! We can provide various styles and technics to make your project stand out.


Oh right, we animate as well! Flash, ToonBoom, After Effects – whatever you need, we’ve got the team to put it together. We can even animate a guy walking with a cane!

post production

Need just the right sound effect or a killer score to put the finishing touches on this project? We can help you out there as well.

car washing

And certain times of the year, we have an annual car wash. Actually, we don’t but we just wanted to see if you read this far.

contact us

Yes, we take real phone calls from people and robots! But first, let us know if you’re not a robot by using our email below . Not that we’d know you were a robot. Just saying–nothing against robots here. Hey, get in touch!


  • info@lowbrowstudios.com
  • 203 Liberty Square Norwalk, Connecticut
    (Secret Hideout)